testosterone propionate cream

The drug has an antiseptic effect and is active against testosterone propionate cream microorganisms in vitro, , has antimycotic action. It has also klestnoanesteziruyuschee and anti-edema effect.

. Indications
Symptomatic treatment of pain in the mouth, throat, larynx in infectious and inflammatory diseases: tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis (including a professional nature – the teachers, broadcasters, workers in the chemical and coal industries), hoarseness, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and gums (aphthous stomatitis, gingivitis, thrush).testosterone propionate cream



  • Hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • children’s age (12 years).Precautions:
    Pregnancy, lactation.Pregnancy and lactation:
    Use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation is possible only under medical supervision.Directions for use and doses.
    Topically. Adults and children over testosterone propionate cream 12 years: irrigate the inflamed area by double-clicking on the vial head (single dose). If necessary, repeat the procedure every 3 hours, no more than 6 times within 24 hours. The duration of the drug is not more than 5 days.Side effects:
    Allergic reactions, loss of sensation language.Overdose.
    It is unlikely possible overdose of anesthesia can lead to upper gastrointestinal tract.Interactions with other drugs.
    Clinically significant interactions with other drugs have been reported.Special instructions.
    When possible loss of language sensitivity, it is recommended to be careful when taking hot food and water. Do not use the drug in the presence of individual hypersensitivity to any component, part of the drug.

    Product form.
    Spray for topical application dosage. 20 ml of spray (at least 140 presses on the valve (70 doses)) in a glass bottle closed white plastic cap with a testosterone propionate cream metering device, a plastic cap with a white top. The bottle was placed in a pack carton along with instructions for use.

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