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Conditional beta-blocker (atenolol), which is part of primobolan depot bayer: – contraindicated in heart failure decompensation (see section “Contraindications”.), But can be used for those patients whose signs of heart failure under control. Caution should be exercised in relation to patients with reduced cardiac reserve; – used with caution in patients with atrioventricular block of I degree – used with caution in patients with angina l, – although contraindicated in expressed violations of the peripheral circulation (. See section “Contraindications”), may also aggravate less severe peripheral circulatory disorders; – may modify the tachycardia in hypoglycemia; – may mask thyrotoxicosis phenomena; – in the development against the backdrop of bradycardia therapy (slowing of the heart rate up to 50 cuts per minute) with a clinical simtomatiku should reduce the drug dose (the dose is determined by the attending physician) ; – should not be abruptly cancel in patients suffering from ischemic heart disease; – may increase primobolan depot bayer the sensitivity to allergens and cause severe anaphylactic reactions muscle depot reviews, and therefore patients on therapy desensitized should take the drug with caution.

These patients may not respond to the usual doses of epinephrine used to treat allergic reactions; – used with caution in patients with broncho-obstructive syndrome, in case of worsening of bronchial conductivity should be abolished Tenoretik and assign treatment of beta-agonists (eg, salbutamol). Caused by the action of chlorthalidone included in the Tenoretika: – hypokalaemia may occur. You should regularly monitor the level of potassium, particularly primobolan in elderly patients, patients receiving cardiac glycosides for the treatment of heart failure, in patients with an unbalanced diet (foods low in potassium), or in patients with complaints of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Patients receiving cardiac glycosides, hypokalemia may predispose to cardiac arrhythmias; – caution should be exercised in relation to patients with severe renal insufficiency primobolan depot bayer .primobolan depot bayer

May occur impaired glucose tolerance. Care should be taken in when applied chlorthalidone in patients with known predisposition to diabetes; – hyperuricemia may occur. Usually there primobolan depot is only a slight increase of uric acid in blood serum, but in some cases may require the use of agents which promote excretion of uric acid.