STEROIDS ABS Fat Burning Cutting cycle

STEROIDS ABS Fat Burning Cutting cycle

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Q: “What is the dosage of anabolic steroids is suitable to really accelerate the fat burning? And if I want to pass a steroid course for the restructuring of the body, ie, lose about the same amount of fat as I type muscle mass for the course, I should organize a week? First, the burning of fat, then muscle gain or vice versa, or even seek both to that and to the other throughout the course? “

A: To substantially enhance the effect of burning fat, even 500 mg per week, and we have in mind the totality of all the steroids used in combination, it is sufficient in comparison with the natural background state. With increasing doses up to 1000 mg per week is observed a certain additional gain fat burning. With further increase in dose, an additional effect – if it ever is – virtually invisible.

I know of several cases where people have achieved significant results, using fairly low doses, such as 250 mg of testosterone per week or 9 mg Dianabol a day (whatever country seemed that figure, in that particular case, I am talking about, really figured this is the dose.) yet this is rarely the case, and it seems that most of those who initially low natural testosterone levels. Typically, 500 mg per week – at least for a reasonable rate of the steroid having a fat burning purpose.

What to do first – to drop the fat and then gain muscle, or vice versa, will depend on the individual case. A simple rule – first do what you personally easier.

For example, if you know that you can quite easily lose 5 kg of fat, but gain 5 kg of muscle for you will be a challenge, of course, in the first few weeks of the course the fat fold, preferably using a fairly high volume of training. Your body will be in a state of increased susceptibility for a set of muscle mass in the coming weeks, due to a large volume of previous training, and homeostasis of the body with a tendency to return to their previous weight, but in this case due to the increase in muscle mass. And here is far more important is not the reason why this is happening, and that this fact has been established, this principle works very well.

If you on the contrary it is difficult to lose more fat than you have already dropped, but you know that you will be able to dial the planned kilos of muscle in a few weeks, in which case the first dial mass. This will help in the subsequent burning of fat, because more muscle mass increases metabolism, and, again, thanks to homeostatic body desire to return to his usual weight, but in this case due to fat loss. And I repeat, whatever the underlying reason, this principle also works very well in practice.

Dial muscle mass while burning fat is possible, but in general this is not the best approach. I would, in general, looked at it as a spontaneous result of some training programs, when the intensity of the program on a set of forces is very high and can lead to some loss of fat, despite adequate food intake. But in most cases, as part of a comprehensive plan, I would not have wanted to simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain within a steroid cycle.

For an athlete it is important to find the right balance for itself in muscle and adipose tissue. Quite fat-free body can not cope, besides – the fat is involved in the formation of the male hormone testosterone. But it is important to remove excess fatty tissue. There are steroids that can be used to reduce the content of fat, they are called anabolic steroids for weight loss. Most recently steroids used as fat loss. The maximum effect is achieved by a skilful combination of steroids with other drugs, vitamins and amino acids. With a course of steroids for burning fat and can accelerate the process of losing weight.

How do steroids, fat-burning?

The principle of operation is different in different groups of steroids. Some anabolic steroids act on adrenergic receptors, triggering lipolysis and acting on the nervous system. Others – acting on adipose tissue receptors that trigger specific biochemical reactions, increase the synthesis and stimulates enzymes. Thus, steroids slimming block the movement of fat cells. Almost all anabolics enhance the synthesis of norepinephrine and epinephrine, as is known, it has a fat-burning effect of adrenaline and metabolism occurring in the body. A number of steroids work to reduce the levels of lipase, which is why almost no fat is deposited. Here you can buy clenbuterol with delivery across Russia and the CIS countries at the most reasonable prices.

What effects have the additional fat burners

Steroids not only demonstrate an anabolic effect, but also have the following features:

  1. possess anti-catabolic effect. This effect protects Building Muscle from destruction. From time to time there are special scientific studies that prove that, for example, Clenbuterol blocks the calcium in the body, which is destructive to muscle fibers;
  2. fat burners prevent atrophy of muscle tissue;
  3. in small doses, the drug is almost devoid of side effects and does not affect the heart, which is very important for an athlete;
  4. have an anti-catabolic effect;
  5. able to maintain the stability of the psyche;
  6. act to increase the force;
  7. inhibit appetite;
  8. used in the drying body with steroids.

How to choose a fat burner

To have a luxurious body relief, you need to get rid of excess fat and gain muscle mass. It is very difficult to do, if there are folds in the stomach like a Shar-Pei. To choose a fat burner, you need to understand what kind of lean muscle mass you want and know how under the influence of anabolic steroids is modified body itself, eliminating the fat under the skin, finally, as the terrain becomes expressive and beautiful. Intending to start taking steroids of this type, be prepared for the special diet and increased physical activity. Learn how to burn fat girl , and how to choose the best fat burner that can help on our website.

Gaining fat burning, and drying will depend on the physical fitness of an athlete’s individual characteristics. Select the drug should be very careful. Most drugs and substances may please the personal intolerance. Many athletes are buying thermogenics to get rid of excess weight, but do not think about the side effects. Recently steroids have become popular, so-called “dummy” that contain caffeine. They do not burn fat, but only increase the motor activity, stimulating the nervous system.

Farmych Uncle recommended fat burners containing the following ingredients: diuretics, capable to deduce the excess water, thermogenics, which increase the overall temperature of the body, steroids, suppress the appetite, as well as substances that act directly on fat cells. Such a substance, for example, is yohimbine. Many fat burners act on the metabolism and can change the metabolism, so they should be chosen very carefully. In addition, to remove the fat in certain sensitive areas (stomach, thighs, buttocks), you need to know that the receptors in these parts of the body are arranged quite differently. This is another reason to properly combine fat burning steroids.

It is important to know! By themselves, fat burners are useless. They will never be able to give the desired effect, if you will sit on a chair. Eat fat burner is necessary, combining with enhanced training and physical activity.

The same yohimbine helps to make the muscles relief expressive, not destroy fat on the abdominals. If you do not want to take drugs, which act on the receptors and are wedged in the metabolic mechanism, it is best to start acquaintance with fat burners to appetite blockers. Taking them, the athlete simply ceases to eat much. However, if the course is completed, the appetite returns.

You can not pick up a fat burner? Not sure of your choice? Uncle Farmych and his team will assist in the preparation of steroid courses , because we know everything about anabolic steroids, fat-burning, drying and fat burners with different effects. Contact us right now and we will help you solve your problem.