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How to use: Oral

Substance: oxymetholone.

Trade name: Anadrol 50: 50 mg tab .; Syntex USA; Anadrol 50: 50 mg tab .; Syntex UK; Anadrol 2.5 mg tab .; Ibrahim Turkey; Anadrol: 5 mg tab .; Anadrol 50 mg tab .; Anasteron: 50 mg tab .; Syntex Greece Sweden; Dynasty: 50 mg tab .; Cilag Portugal; Gemodenin: 50 mg tab .; Syntex Brazil; Oxymetholone 50 mg tab .; Czechoslovakia; Oksimozona 50: 50 mg tab .; Syntex Spain; Plenastril: 50 mg tab .; Gryunental Protohimi Austria; Sinasteron: 50 mg tab .; Zarva Belgium.

On the preparation On this day Anadrol is the most effective oral steroid of all commercially available. The substance “Oxymetholone” appeared on the market in I960 due to the company Syntex. Until the early 90s the drug produced in many countries of different manufacturing companies and was easily accessible. Then, the situation has changed, especially from 1991 to 1993. Many drugs of this substance were removed from production. It was extremely painful suspension of production Plenastrila.

Later on the black market spread Spanish drug Oksitozona-50, this gap has been filled. When in early 1993 Syntex Latina suspended manufacturing Oksitozola-50 – the situation worsened. The consequence has been a fantastic increase in prices for the drug dealers and buying it. The only remaining in Europe in the trade of the original drugs are: English Anadrol-50 , and the Czech Oksimetalon-50.

Anadrol 50” – a strong and effective oral steroid. The drug has a very strong androgenic and anabolic also very intense. For the same reason, in a very short time achieved huge gains in strength and muscle mass. Not uncommon weight gain of 5.7 kg or more for only 14 days. This is partially increased accumulation of water in the body anabolen koning, it is rapidly increasing the amount of muscle in record time gives those who use the drug, a massive appearance.

Because muscle cell attracts a lot of water, the total musculature acquires the majority of athletes smooth, inflated appearance. ” Anadrol ” does not provide a qualitative muscle gain but only quantitative, which is desirable in the OFF-season. ” Anadrol ” “lubricates” the joints since there is accumulated water, which is not insignificant factor in the enormous increase of strength and facilitates the training of athletes suffering from joint diseases.

Weightlifters higher weight classes to pray ” Anadrol “. Through discipline in diet and simultaneous reception of ‘Nolvadex’ and ‘Privirona “water retention can be significantly reduced to a minimum, with a respectable gain of muscle. With Anadrol the athlete learns during training unprecedented “pump effect” in the affected muscle group. In the body there is a significant increase in blood volume, which leads during exercise to an increased rush of blood to the muscles.

Anapolon increases the number of red blood cells, so that the muscles are better supplied with oxygen. Improves endurance and muscle performance. Even after several approaches athlete we have a good strength level. Some bodybuilders say excessively and even painful “pump effect” and that they are during a training session, after a small amount of approaches, finish work on a specific muscle group and immediately transferred to another group of muscles.

Often referred to as “pump effect” brings the athlete during exercise is a fantastic feeling of satisfaction. The strong androgenic effect ” Anadrol ” contributes to a very high physical regeneration, so while taking the drug, “overtraining” is simply impossible. Often after a hard training athlete the feeling that he is still able to work out a few hours, and despite the fact that athletes usually train 6-7 times a week. The athlete himself clearly see your progress.

Although ” Anadrol ” is not a steroid for the preparation for a competition, it is like no other drug helps during dieting to maintain the muscle mass and to provide intensive training. Many athletes use it until the last week before the competition, and the accumulation of body water problem is solved by anti-estrogens and dehydrating agents, so that they appear on the scene of massive and fry. As for the dosage, opinions differ here. The manufacturer of the former Spanish “Oksitozona 50” Sintekt Latino, advises to take from 1 to 5 mg per 1 kg of body weight per day.

It turns out that an athlete weighing 100 kg has to take guided these regulations, up to 500 mg daily, ie 10 pills a day, which is quite unrealistic, since the data is extremely exaggerated and can lead to severe side effects. Reasonable dosage for the athlete lies somewhere in 1 mg per 1 kg of body weight per day. This corresponds to 1-4 tablets (50-200 mg) per day. Doses exceeding 4 tablets should not be taken in any case, because we believe and Table 3. day already constitute the maximum daily dose.

Who wants to start using the product should start with only one 50 mg tablet per day. After a few days, or even better, in a week, the daily dose can be doubled, and taken in the morning and evening meals. Athletes who already far advanced or weigh more than 100 kg, in the third week may bring the dose up to 150 mg per day. Yet this dosage should not be practiced anapolon for more than two or three weeks, because of the very rapid receptor saturation. The drug generally should not exceed 8 weeks.

Often caused the beginning of the course ” Anadrol ” a huge weight gain, quickly disappears. So here there are two ways: either increase the dosage, which should avoid the athlete because of the increased risk of side effects; or that it is better to switch to another drug. Who makes the ” Anadrol 50 ” 5-8 weeks can gain weight 10 kg. This is a good prognosis for any athlete that can serve as a signal to stop taking the drug. It is true that, as the deadline ” Anadrol ” steroid course continues with another drug, or an athlete that has often been observed during the period naikrotchayshego can lose the majority made gains. No other anabolic / androgenic steroid does not entail such a rapid sharp decline in muscle mass and strength.

Effects Anadrol Severe muscle growth (oksimetalon considered one of the most effective steroids in bodybuilding for muscle set – up to 15 kg of muscle mass for 1 course after course of seen significant rollback phenomenon – up to 30% of the gain weight may be lost, given that some weight gain due to accumulation of fluid). A significant increase in strength. Anapolon eliminates joint pain and improves their function (due to fluid retention and greater output of synovial fluid). It reduces the sex hormone binding globulin – it makes the effect of other anabolic hormones (testosterone and its own) with concomitant use of more pronounced.

Side effects for women taking ” Anadrol 50 “, we do not recommend t to it causes severe and partially irreversible phenomena masculinization:.. Acne, hypertrophy of the clitoris, deepening of the voice, increased hair growth on the legs, face, increased libido, loss of hair on the head and assotsialnoe behavior. ” Anadrol ” is simply too strong for the female body. Still, some participants of national and international competitions are taking this drug and achieve great success. Women who do not want to give up giving incredible results ” Anadrol “, but at the same time wishing to reduce as far as possible, all kinds of it, due to its nature of androgen, side effects may cautiously begin its application of 25 mg per day. Applying ” Anadrol ” under the scheme receive 2-4 days, 2-4 days break, and combining it with some “soft”, mainly injectable anabolic steroids, such as “Primobolan, Durabolin.”

Anadrol 50 ” – the only steroid that is suspected in causing liver cancer. The substance oxymetholone easily converted into estrogen, so the frequent phenomenon of feminization and the accumulation of water above in the body that requires receiving antiestrogens (eg. ‘Nolvadex’ and ‘Proviron “). Strong accumulation of water and fraught with some that can lead to increased pressure in the bloodstream. It is in extreme cases entails receiving antigipertonika eg. “Kataprezana”. Because of the active chemical substance and may be converted to dihydrotestosterone, the possibility of strong acne and increased hair loss.

As a result of all sorts of harmful influences (Oksimitolona) requires periodic monitoring of liver status. Some patients have blood iron deficiency. There should always control the biochemical composition of blood for iron ney.V case of lack of this element should be used cautiously by patients with the disease Serce, liver and kidneys.

In the case of swelling this treatment is combined with the use of diuretics and or manipulation. With the appearance of hypercalcemia, treatment should be discontinued.

Anabolic steroids can alter the level of blood sugar. Therefore, diabetics should be under strict medical supervision. Treatment of patients with prostate disease and hypertrophy should be carried out very carefully. This medicine may change the balance of cholesterol in the body: it should be used with caution in patients with sexually transmitted diseases, myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease.

Therapy should match the balance of cholesterol. In extremely rare cases, long-term use of the drug can lead to serious liver damage and could theoretically lead even to the death of the patient, which is basically very little probable. There is a suspicion that long-term treatment slim fizz review with this drug can even cause liver cancer, leukemia, the phenomenon of masculinization in women, liver pelozis.

This medicine contains lactose. There are cases of intolerance to its children and adolescents. Slight content of lactose is probably not the cause of this intolerance. In cases of diarrhea should see a doctor. Anabolic steroids may increase sensitivity to drugs aimed at reducing blood clotting. In this case, their dosage is reduced. Sometimes cases of jaundice observed increased content of bilirubin in the blood, and alkalinfosfata transominazy. These indicators are normalized at the termination of drug treatment.

Men have been cases of reduction of testicular function. Women may appear purely male characteristics: low gruff voice, libido changes, and menstrual irregularities. The following adverse manifestations anabolic therapy are diarrhea, drowsiness, convulsions, nausea, razdrazhitelnostst and irritability, chills.

In some cases (when using large doses of) the drug can impair appetite, cause mild nausea.