Can I eat carbs after a workout?

Everyone who plays sports knows that at the end of the training there is a strong desire to eat cookies, banana, chocolate, drink fizzy cool drink. There is no doubt that fast carbs after a workout play an important role in the recovery process. In fact, all is not so simple and obvious.

The best time to consume carbohydrates is it is the period after exercise when the muscles instantly absorb nutrients. This does not mean that you can afford to eat chocolate, marmalade, chocolates, biscuits.carbs after a workout

Do you need carbs after a workout?

Physical exercises require a lot of glycogen. Expended stocks of the substance that needs to be filled immediately. Here and out fast carbs, eat that at the end of the training, of course, necessary. However, given some peculiarities of this substance, to approach post-workout diet should be quite cautious. Otherwise, instead of a positive effect, you can get quite a different result.

What is the number of calories burned per hour workout?

The answer to this question and allows the athlete to clarify a nuance about how useful it is to consume simple carbohydrates during the recovery period after exercise.

According to the research, even the most hard training lead to the burning of about a quarter of the reserves of muscle glycogen. The amount in muscle is about 400, and in the liver — 100 grams. High intensity interval training and exercise with large weights, has been shown in one study not increase the cost of muscle glycogen. Thus, regardless of the type of exercise, burned the same amount of calories.

The degree of intensity of training does not depend on the load and requires the same amount of carbohydrate to fill. The amount of glycogen must be the same consumed calories. And if, after completion of the training, to eat, for example, the chocolate ice-cream or candy bar containing 10-50 grams of carbohydrate to replenish depleted stocks is not allow.

Carbohydrates are not the only source of energy

During intense workouts are depleted and fat stores. Particularly active in the process of weight loss appears when performing high-intensity training. One of the studies showed that the exercises with weights burns about thirty percent fat, and muscle glycogen is twenty — eight percent.

If you do not take into account a quick snack with carbohydrates immediately after exercise, muscle glycogen to fill needs about twenty four hours. And, given this fact, it becomes clear that when performing light exercise or an intense hour of training per day, time to replenish carbohydrates abound.

And to have a beautiful, physically developed body from simple carbohydrates after a workout should be avoided. The best option would be the distribution of food rich in carbohydrates during the day, which will fully cover the spent glycogen, to have the necessary supply of this substance for post workout and all day.

What food is best consumed immediately after a workout?

What is better protein or carbs? I ate right after exercising? Those are the questions, the answers to which depend on the individual characteristics of the athlete. Number and fats, and carbohydrates for hour training different athletes, depending on the weight different, exercise regime and goals may be quite different.

Athletes who compete iron like Chris Getino the purpose of crossfit, running one or two cardio sessions daily, a certain amount of carbohydrate you need after every workout. And even if the bite immediately, from chips, pizza and other snacks is better to abstain.Carbohydrates

Training program for one lesson per day, allows you to restore spent reserves throughout the day when used from 0.55 to 1.1 g per each kilogram of body weight. A greater amount of training per day requires the use of carbohydrates within 60 minutes after your workout. This is because the body needs to obtain the necessary substances for the next class.

Athletes with a weight of about 70 kg needs about 40-78 grams of carbohydrates. If we take the lower limit, enough for one large banana, and the top, then the banana add more protein shake or a few pretzels. Athletes with a weight of 90 kg have 50-100 G. the Minimum number consumed when the classes are held in the daytime.

So, to sum up, one should clearly understand that carbs immediately after training, not all, but those in need should not eat sweets and unhealthy snacks. Testosterone Cypionate