Andropen 275

The drug Andropen 275 is a steroid with anabolic and androgenic effects. This mixture of esters of testosterone produced by British Dragon Pharmaceuticals, has a prolonged effect, due to gradual separation of the steroid coming into the bloodstream, from the corresponding ether. Specific features long-lasting effects and Deposit Andropen give it air. Having the form of a hydrocarbon chain, it joins a molecule of anabolic steroid action.Andropen 275

The creation of the esters made it possible to solve the problem of frequency of injections. On the injection of anabolic essential basis appears the oil depot. It is a source of supply of blood steroid. The speed at which the “return” depends on the half-life of the broadcast donde comprar testosterona. In Andropen 275 combined multiple esters having different half-life. This provides continuity of income testosterone up to the moment until I finish act decanoate.

Andropen has diverse positive effects on the body of the athlete. It helps to strengthen the immune function, normalizes the nitrogen balance, increases strength and muscle growth. Developed specifically for sports, it is widely used by weightlifters, bodybuilders, powerlifters and power extreme.

What is the impact of receiving steroid Andropen 275

Injections have the following effects:

    • allow to gain maximum possible muscle mass from testosterone;
    • increase the strength and endurance of an athlete;
    • strengthen and improve the functionality of the ligaments and joints, relieve pain;
    • increase appetite and accelerate the metabolic rate;
    • improve overall health and strengthen the immune system;
    • normalize the nitrogen balance;
    • enhance libido on the course;
    • increase motivation.

the Andropen is composed of five different testosterone esters, each of which has a half-life. Acetate it is the day, that is after 24 hours, the concentration starts to decrease two times when half the active substance is excreted from the body, the propionate — two, phenylpropionate — four, cypionate is eight, and decanoate twelve days.

How to take Andropen?

A course of steroid lasts up to six months, and the optimal weekly dosage is 300-600 milligrams. Injections are made once every seven days, which is a huge advantage of the drug. Women to use Andropen is not recommended. This reflects both the high capacity of a mixture of testosterone and the possible manifestation of virilization.

To strengthen the effect of muscle volume, which allows the joint taking the drug and Methandienone and Stanozolol, which starting to drink shortly before the end of the course, allowing you to get the maximum result. Thanks to a regimen of steroid, after the drug is no Hairdryer rollback. For post-cycle therapy it is recommended to use Tamoxifen or Clomid and Gonadotropin.

Possible side effects from taking Andropen 275

Adverse effect of injections of steroid appear, as a rule, those athletes who improperly came to the beginning of the course of the drug. If you exceed the dose stipulated in the instruction to disregard the duration of the course admission, to ignore post-cycle therapy, it will lead to the manifestation of side effects.

Gynecomastia is the most serious of the adverse effects, which could face athletes. This is especially true of those who has an individual predisposition to the disease. Along with this manifestation, may occur acne, to experience excessive hair growth or, on the contrary, baldness, increased synthesis of the sebaceous glands. When regimen and post-cycle therapy are met, no side effects were observed.Feedback about Andropen 275

Feedback about the steroid Andropen 275

Athletes, as a rule, be satisfied with the result. They note the strong anabolic effect, low frequency of side effects, no pain from the injections, ease of administration, strengthen the immune system. The reviews of this drug, which give people who use it, confirm the safety and efficacy of a steroid.

Steroid is not recommended for athletes, but among the many reviews you can find and abandoned women. They write about what took reduced dosages, getting a positive effect from this steroid.